ATM outsourcing allows financial institutions to efficiently manage their fleets while freeing up branch staff time and reducing operational costs. An effective outsourcing partner, such as BluePoint ATM, can offer various services at one monthly fee, such as transaction processing, compliance management and software maintenance – these should all be priorities for every institution considering outsourcing.

Reduced Costs
An ATM fleet is an investment that demands both time and resources from any financial institution, often necessitating upgrades, compliance checks and maintenance work on a regular basis. That is why so many Financial institutions (FIs) opt for outsourced solutions to manage their fleet effectively.

FIs can reduce capital and equipment investments when they opt to outsource their ATMs, freeing up capital for more productive ventures.

Outsourcing will allow FIs to avoid paying large fees associated with upgrading each terminal in their fleet when outsourcing. They can use managed ATM services as a great way to reduce operating expenses by consolidating costs into one affordable monthly bill and making budgeting and forecasting simpler. By outsourcing ATM management, system updates, compliance monitoring and equipment maintenance responsibilities to an experienced team, FIs can focus on what matters most – serving their account holders!

Improved Security
Banks and credit unions must invest in both time and resources in managing their ATM fleet effectively. Addressing security threats, software upgrades and regulatory mandates can become an ongoing struggle for financial institutions.

ATM outsourcing can relieve your institution of the burden of maintaining a fleet and free it up for more productive use, like building customer or member relationships or expanding into new regions with closer ATMs for customers to use.

This solution can make your institution less vulnerable to security threats. Instead of trying to stay one step ahead of bad actors yourself, BluePoint ATM as a Service provider can do this for you. Plus, having one vendor as your point of contact makes communication with them simpler should any issue arise and improves uptime – should something go amiss, your institution can rely on our ATM as a Service partner to quickly take corrective actions in response.

Increased Customer Satisfaction
Financial Institutions can reduce internal ATM management resources and costs by outsourcing this channel to an experienced partner, leading to lower total costs of ownership while freeing internal teams to focus on other channels that may require their attention.

When outsourcing their self-service channels, financial institutions can free up frontline staff for faster service to customers – increasing customer satisfaction while decreasing frustration from long lines.

Reliability is one of the main indicators of ATM service quality. Studies have revealed that bank reliability directly impacts their customers’ overall experience using its ATMs. Outsourcing ATMs to an experienced service provider is one way to ensure their reliability, enabling you to expand surcharge-free access while providing your consumers with convenience. Plus, your ATM-as-a-Service provider will handle compliance issues and hardware upgrades on behalf of your institution, relieving you of these costly burdens from its balance sheet.

Increased Efficiency
The ATM as a Service model enables financial institutions (FIs) to reduce capital expenses for fleet purchases while freeing up resources internally by consolidating all operational costs into one monthly payment for everything required for operating self-service equipment, including cleaning services, CIT support services, service desk support services, software management support and regulatory compliance services.

Financial Institutions face many difficulties with regard to technology and compliance changes as well as maintenance on their ATMs. A failed hardware or software upgrade could prove disastrously expensive for the institution and thus more financial institutions are turning towards ATM outsourcing as an option.

By freeing branch employees of the responsibility for overseeing these machines in-house, more time can be dedicated to providing customers with an exceptional customer experience. Banks offering convenient access to full-function ATMs whether inside the lobby, drive-through lane or parking lot may see increased customer satisfaction as a result.

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